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Cage of Eden

Post  Leader on Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:20 pm

I want to know ya'lls opinion on this manga called Cage of Eden. I'm going to say that this manga is average, cause the plot couldve been better. A whole bunch of freshmen highschool students in Japan (sterotypical...) returning from a field trip from France or something by plane but then the cockpits control panel is destroyed and it crashes on an island full of canivorus creatures and the worst part- it's not even on the map. Sounds like jurassic park, huh? The main caracter, a nerdy stereotype, and a flight attendent are blown away from the wreckage. When that wake up they search for the plane and


reach it, only to find a video tape. It contains the last couple of hours minutes of most of the childrens lives. Its got a little psychological thriller part of the video where the kids relize they'll never be rescued and they're fear turns into a panicked aggression and they kill each other. They then search for the main characters crush inside the plane. It's pretty hard to find, so look it up on Tell me what you guys think!

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