Your video game wait/wish list

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Your video game wait/wish list

Post  elvenbladerogue on Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:47 am

Post your wait list for video games you are waiting for Left 4 dead 2 don't count since it comes out in a few days.

Also What games do you wish they would remake/make a 2 3 etc of a game.

Waiting List:

Half-life 2 ep 3 (This just need to come out already... ep2 left us with one of the biggest cilf hangers i ever seen in any game.)
Portal 2
Mirrors Edge 2
World of warcraft: Cataclysm

Wish List:
Half-life: Opposing force 2
The Guarden Legend 2 or a Remake. (an old NES game i love to death)
Mario RPG (I rather see a Remake rather than a 2nd one since it wouldn't be the same)
Final Fantasy 7 (if this was ever remade and if it was only for the PS3 i would pay 300$ for a PS3 just to play the remake and not really buy any other game... few A Few like killzone 2, and like 2 other games)

I would like to see what everyone else who is a gamer on here would like to come out already or waiting to come out and your wish list of games that needs a Squeal or a Remake. Give us some info about each game also for we can know a bit more about it if we never have played.

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